Mac OS X SSH Tutorial

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 Mac OS X SSH Tutorial


This is a short tutorial and reference for Mac users connecting through SSH to eniac. Please email me if you have any problems. I do not own a Mac, so no screenshots!


1. Check X11 Installation

The first requirement is ensuring you have X11 installed on your machine. Versions of Mac OS X later than 10.4 already have X11 installed.


Versions 10.4 and earlier must have X11 installed from either a disk, or from Apple's Download Page: <- This is the X11 download <- This is the latest update


Make sure X11 is installed: you can see it is available under Applications -> Utilities.


2. Open a Terminal

Open a terminal, either by going to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal, or by searching with Spotlight.


3. Connect to eniac

In the terminal, type

ssh -X <username>


Where <username> is your username.


You will be prompted for your password. Additionally, X11 will run in the background.


4. Verify X is working. Rejoice.

Now that you are logged in, verify X is working by opening the GUI text editor:

gedit &


This will open the text editor on eniac alongside your terminal. You can still use your terminal while it is open.


5. Exit When Finished

When are finished with your work, close any text editor windows and type


to disconnect from eniac. You can type exit again to end your local terminal session and then "apple" + Q to quit terminal.


That's it!